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PACEperfect™ integration of data, processes, and workflows across the enterprise

PACElogic brings clarity and consistency to interdepartmental processes that extend beyond the reach of EHR systems. Capable of integrating with any EHR, PACElogic also delivers value as a robust, stand-alone solution without an EHR.

Reduce the use of spreadsheets or paper processes and replace them with neatly organized, real-time sharable workflows. Never miss a beat as events unfold across day center operations and actionable information is delivered to the right person at the right time. PACElogic also includes the best care planning module in the industry.

PACElogic's Key Features

PACElogic Care Plan
Care Plan

Designed for PACE pursuant to CMS specifications. PACElogic makes care planning simple, fast, and collaborative for all IDT members in real time.

Intake Management

Maximize census growth with efficient and collaborative workflows. Track, analyze, and refine throughput by center, intake representative, and participant.


Electronic forms for pre-enrollment and functional assessments for consistency and completeness. Archive, share, and report for historical trending and timely re-assessments.

Incident Reporting

Medication errors and falls are accurately recorded, followed by team notification for subsequent follow-up and documentation. Quality and compliance reporting are made simple.


Administer prescribed medications from EHR or pharmacy to record and produce MAR reports.

DME tracking

Assign, track and recover equipment to control costs and reduce waste.

Contact Management

Comprehensive contact management, including: participant past, present, and future whereabouts. Organize family, POA, and limitless other contacts for centralized access.

Document Storage

Attach member documents for instant sharing and retrieval.

Data Exports

Click ready files for CMS enrollment and disenrollment; DataPACE 2; HOS-M; HPMS; and other reporting requirements.

PACEperfect Solutions

PACEperfect Solutions

Perfect for startups and designed for the largest and most sophisticated PACE programs.

Our experience with senior care organizations and programs like PACE, means we can deliver the benefits of integrated healthcare technology rapidly and effectively for the best value and lowest risk to your bottom line. Cognify delivers optimal business performance and outcomes through sophisticated and harmonious use of the latest industry innovations.


State-of-the-art integrated EHR and practice management solution

PrimeSUITE 2014 by Greenway Medical Technologies is a state-of-the-art integrated EHR and practice management solution. It is offered by Cognify as a rapidly deployable, value-added solution that is pre-configured for PACE and other programs like ACO, PCMH, and MLTC. PrimeSUITE helps ensure that data flows seamlessly from check-in to check-out and coding/billing, maximizing efficiency, workflows and financial viability.

Designed by physicians, Cognify endorses PrimeSuite 2014 because embedded within is the experience and design feedback of thousands of physicians over the course of decades. It achieves the #1 slot for usability among the KLAS survey more often than any other EHR product. This usability is critical to successfully modernizing and enhancing physician workflows and production and includes benefits for practice administrators, hospital executives and other healthcare stakeholders.

PrimeSUITE is tailored by Cognify to meet the nuanced needs of electronic clinical encounter documentation at all points of care, enabling clinical teams to embrace new workflows without disrupting individual routines.

Start with Cognify’s 180 customizable PACE templates to facilitate ease of use and shared best practices or navigate the Clinical Content Library totaling more than 4,000 templates available in our specialty-based content library.

Meaningful Use: Greenway is committed to ensuring customers always have state-of-the-art solutions. PrimeSUITE 2014 (17.0) has been certified as a Complete EHR, compliant with the ONC 2014 Edition criteria for meaningful use Stages 1 and 2 and is also certified for Patient Centered Medical Home usage.

Plexis Healthcare Systems

PACEproven™ integrated health plan information system

Plexis Claims Manager (PCM) by Plexis Healthcare Systems is offered through Cognify with value added benefits. PCM is an integrated health plan information system proven in PACE since 2002 providing complete benefit administration, claims adjudication, capitation, authorization and robust reporting capabilities.

Automated for speed, accuracy and maximum productivity. Claims are electronically loaded, auto-adjudicated and batched from source to final preparation for payment in seconds. Pended claims are easily adjudicated manually with investigative tools just clicks away.

Authorizations are easily integrated with the EHR to control claims, automatically search for missing authorizations and track present IBNR in real-time.


Best-of-breed encounter and response management solutions

AccountabilEDI by VisibilEDI Transaction Management Systems is offered by Cognify with value added benefits and delivers efficient management of encounters and responses.

AccountabilEDI enables you to efficiently report encounter claims and payment transactions to CMS and state Medicaid programs and instantly bring you into reporting compliance.

Cognify Cloud

Flexible infrastructure without capital investment

Cognify supports thousands of PACE participants and users on its integrated best-of-breed computing platform. We are one of the only companies with such an offering focused exclusively on PACE.

Cognify offers all of its products in a completely scalable, pay-as-you-grow, integrated system for new PACE plans and larger or more established plans.

Move reliably into the future with us — by preserving capital and focusing on innovation rather than infrastructure.